Cornellians who have served in the U.S. Military in times of war are honored by a number of memorials across campus. There are many sources of information about these memorials, we have attempted to gather that information here, facilitate your access to this information and map the locations of the memorials. As this information was gathered we were surprised more than once to find out about additional memorials and welcome your feedback if you have any information about these memorials or have knowledge of other Veterans Memorials.

Many of the memorials are outdoors and are accessible 24 hours a day. Memorials that are indoors are generally available during normal business hours, we have listed open hours or contact information, where appropriate, so you can coordinate your visit in advance.

For more information, see the Army ROTC legacy page @ http://armyrotc.cornell.edu/the-legacy/

This information is brought to you by the Cornell University Veterans Colleague Network Group.

For some memorials we have quite a bit of information and for others we are still in the research phase. If you have any additional knowledge or memories of these sites or other memorial sites, we invite you to contact the website administrator about adding it to this site.