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Delta Kappa Epsilon

In addition to the Sibley Hall plaque there is a second memorial in honor of Clifton Beckwith Brown, two Norway Spruce and a memorial plaque were placed at his fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon, 13 South Avenue.

To the left of the stairs is a plaque commemorating the planting of the spruce trees by, then New York State Governor, Teddy Roosevelt.

Delta Kappa Epsilon is also home to a plaque dedicated to Military Aviators killed in the line of duty.

The following ΔX of ΔKE aviators lost their lives in military aviation mishaps.

Gwendell Barden Newman ’16 1st Lieutenant, U. S. Marine Corps Reserve
b. 17-Mar-1894, i. 10-Dec-1912 (ΔX #430), d. 2-Feb-1920
Died from septicemia due to injuries from the crash of a Loening “Kitten” monoplane on 31-Dec-1919 at Bolling Field, Washington DC.
Buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Hofstetter Hill, Blk. K Lot 73/74, St. Louis MI.

Clayton Caskey Ingersoll ’18 1st Lieutenant, U. S. Army Signal Corps (Aviation)
b. 5-May-1896, i. 21-Nov-1914 (ΔX #464), d. 26-Apr-1918
Perished by stalling a Nieuport trainer aircraft at Flying Field #5, Issoudun, France.
Buried initially at Flying Field #13, Issoudun, France. Remains repatriated to Rockford IL.

Archibald Cyrus Edson Gregory ’19 Sr. Lt., Canadian Royal Flying Corps
b. 15-Aug-1896, i. 22-Apr-1916 (ΔX #477), d. 13-Feb-1935
Died, age 38, of pneumonia, the indirect result of injuries from the August 1918 crash of his aircraft in England.
Buried at Fairview Cemetery, Red Bank NJ.

John Talman Whiting, Jr. ’41 1st Lieutenant, U. S. Army Air Force,
b. 18-Sep-1919, i. (not initiated), d. 12-Aug-1945
Perished in crash of a PT-19 trainer aircraft at Thompson Field, San Marcos TX.
Buried at Washington Memorial Chapel Cemetery, Valley Forge PA, Gen. Wayne, Lot 150.

William Hunt Eisenman, Jr. ’43 2nd Lieutenant, U. S. Army Air Force
b. 11-Mar-1921, i. 15-Feb-1941 (ΔX #765), d. 28-May-1943
Perished in crash of C-46A Commando cargo aircraft near Conifer CO.
Interred in Knollwood Cemetery and Mausoleum, Cleveland OH, Crypt 454, Row E.

George Frederick Hewitt III ’43 Ensign, U. S. Naval Reserve
b. 8-Nov-1920, i. 15-Feb-1941 (ΔX #766), d. 14-Apr-1943
Perished in mid-air collision of two F6F-3 Hellcat fighter aircraft near Moyock NC.
Buried at Arlington National Cemetery VA, Section 7, Site 9007-E.

Edward Livingston Feakes ’49 1st Lieutenant, U. S. Air Force
b. 18-Oct-1923, i. 5-May-1946 (ΔX #827), d. 31-Dec-1953
Declared MIA/KIA following a B-26B Invader bomber mission over North Korea.
Remains not recovered.

St. Clair McKelway, Jr. ’52 1st Lieutenant, U. S. Air Force
b. 24-Aug-1931, i. 4-Mar-1951 (ΔX #889), d. 3-Jun-1954
Perished in crash of H-19B Chickasaw helicopter 25 miles SW of Bordeaux, France.
Buried at Arlington National Cemetery VA, Section 2, Site 4934-1.

Frederick Ernest Weicker, Jr. ’55 Lieutenant (Junior Grade), U. S. Navy
b. 11-Dec-1932, i. 16-Mar-1952 (ΔX #903), d. 1-Dec-1958.
Perished landing his F4D Skyray fighter on the USS Roosevelt off Florida coast.
Remains lost at sea.

Gordon Samuel Perisho ’61 Lieutenant Commander, U. S. Navy
b. 7-Mar-1939, i. 24-May-1958 (ΔX #986), d. 31-Dec-1967
Declared MIA/KIA following an A6A Intruder strike mission over North Vietnam.
Remains not recovered.