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Pi Kappa Phi

There are two plaques at Pi Kappa Phi. Lt. Lowell Riley and Lt. Rummell were not members of Pi Kappa Phi, the house was purchased by the fraternity in 1990.

According to a note in the Cornell Alumni News Volume Twenty-One September 1, 1918 – August 31, 1919:

Second Lieutenant Lowell Hobart Riley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Abram Riley, of Orange, N. J., was killed in action near Fismes on August 7.

Riley prepared for college at the Orange, N. J., High School, and entered the Arts College in 1915. Shortly after the United States’ declaration of war, he entered the Officers’ Training Camp at Fort Myer, where he received his commission. He sailed for France last May and the transport Moldavia which was torpedoed, but escaped uninjured.

Lieutenant Riley was a brother of Abram M. Riley jr., ’12, and of Mark R. Riley ’16. He was twenty-one years old.

Lt Riley-cropped


Lieutenant Leslie Jacob Rummell died in service in France in 1918. More about Lt. Rummell.

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History of the Pi Kappa Phi house