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War Memorial at Lyon and McFaddin Halls

Dedicated in 1932, the War Memorial, which connects Lyon Hall and McFaddin Hall, commemorates the Cornell’s 264 casualties during WWI. The two towers adjacent to Lyon and McFaddin Halls were originally dedicated to the Army and Navy, with each room inside the towers dedicated to a person or group of people.  The cloister joining the two towers contains sixteen panels engraved with the names of Cornell students, alumni and faculty who died in World War I.

There are 76 shields around the face of the buildings which display the insignia of the many different units of which Cornellians served. Each of the cloister windows is capped by the name of a WW II battle in which those units fought.

At the north end of the cloister is the Memorial Shrine. Built in 1931, the Shrine was open to all. After anti-war protesters burned furniture and defaced the room in the 60’s the room was closed. In 1984, the Memorial Shrine was reopened. It served as a lounge for the neighboring dormitory. In 1990 C Company, 1 Regiment of the Scabbard and Blade, which is Cornell’s chapter of the the ROTC honor society, was made responsible for the Shrine. The Shrine also houses the Roll of Honor, listing the 264 Cornellians who died and above the altar is engraved:

When the United States of America
engaged in the great war of
1914 – 1918
thousands of the students, former
students, and teachers of
Cornell University
entered the country’s service
and therein manfully did their duty.
Many of them lost their lives –
We who knew those dead
have built here
what we hope shall remain
their enduring memorial.

The War Memorial as seen from across West Ave.

The War Memorial from next to the flag pole.

In the Cloisters looking south.

In the Cloisters looking north.

Much of the information on this page is courtesy of this article from the Scabbard and Blade.